The Rare Edition Case

At every step we asked ourselves, what would we want for our own collections?

Want to learn more about Rare Edition's case? Read on and find out what makes it so unique among grading companies.

At Rare Edition, we believe that you should get what you pay for. We also believe that we shouldn’t just raise the bar for collectible grading - we should shatter it. That’s why we pulled out all the stops to bring you the best possible protection for your collectibles.

Everything about our cases is overbuilt for maximum protection and quality. From our labels to the security features we’ve built in, we took the hard way to protect your collectibles. At every step we asked ourselves, what would we want for our own collections?

One of the first things our customers notice is that, instead of polystyrene plastic (the same thing used in CD cases back in the 90s), we have used extra-clear polycarbonate to best protect and show off the cards inside our cases. When you pick up our case, you’re able to see the color and details sharper and clearer than ever before, and you also know that your card is fully protected from UV radiation, letting your cards stay pristine no matter where you take them.

Everything about our cases is overbuilt for maximum protection and quality.

The Corning® Gorilla® Glass gives our cases extraordinary scratch resistance. Our customers say they feel just like smartphone screens - and why not? Many of our cards are worth more than our phones! The glass also gives our cases an exceptional high-quality feel that’s clear the second you hold one in your hand.

Instead of epoxy or other adhesives, we use ultrasonic welding to fully seal our cases. This provides an incredible seal, resists water and chemical damage, and prevents any accidental opening of the case when it’s dropped or jostled. It also makes the cases very difficult to tamper with and re-seal, giving you peace of mind when you see our cards at a show. In addition to tamper-resistant materials we use steganography and laser encoding to know if a case is authentic or not, reducing fraud and making it much more difficult to copy our cases or labels.

Our cases and labels use the latest security features and high-quality materials to both discourage fraud and provide our customers with new ways to review their cards, like NFC-chip retrieval of a card’s grading report. Our labels display the main grade and sub-grades, as well as a QR code and NFC chip that pulls up the detailed grading report - you can just place your phone near the case and it'll show you the details right then and there!

So how do we know that we’ve shattered the bar for a collectible case? Here are just a few things we’ve done to test our case’s durability and protection:

Rare Edition: Protecting Everything Rare

We threw them on the ground.  We threw our sealed cases as hard as we could against concrete floors, attempting to split open the case and damage the card inside. When using our case bumper, there was no damage from throwing the case onto the ground.

We kicked them around the house.  We put cases under furniture to see if we could damage the card inside, and squeezed them between the walls. Not a scratch.

We even used our cars.  In a last-ditch attempt to damage the card inside, we jumped in our cars and ran over our cases with our cards inside. Despite the combined efforts of a SUV and a sedan, all we managed to do was slightly crack the glass, thanks to a tiny rock. The case itself, and the card inside, were unharmed.

What’s next?  Live rounds? The team keeps threatening to take the case to the range and see how our cards will fare against some heavy firepower. We’re not sure that’s a good idea, but who knows?

On a less destructive note, we’re also exploring how we can customize our cases so they’re tied to specific breaks or collections, giving our customers the personalization they’ve been asking for. And, of course, we’re always looking for ways to continue raising the bar for our customers.

A case that can survive being thrown, being driven over, and being tampered with, but looks beautiful at the same time, all for $49. Want to try it for yourself? Submit Today and be among the first who see why there are graded cards, and then there are Rare Cards.