The Rare Edition Submission Process

Modern card submission for modern times

At Rare Edition, we want to make it easy for you to get your collectibles ready for grading and shipping. Read on for a quick look into how you can submit your items to us.

At Rare Edition, we’re always seeking new ways to make it easier for our customers to get their items graded. We’re collectors ourselves, and we’ve painstakingly gone through the submission process to eliminate some of the most annoying aspects of submitting cards for grading.

One way we’ve committed to doing that is by only accepting cards for submission when we have the capacity to grade them. No one in the hobby wants to send their cards in and wait months without any notification of whether their cards were even received! At Rare Edition, we reserve spots for each of our customers and let them know when we’re ready to accept their cards. Our customers don’t need to purchase grading slots or send in their cards until they know that we’re ready to give their cards the attention they deserve, which means the cards spend the least time possible with us before they’re shipped back, graded and slabbed.

Customers can easily filter, search, and sort the cards they want to submit

We also knew we wanted it to be easy for customers to get cards ready for submission. We’ve built out what we call the Item Queue, a place where our customers can upload images of their card, add in important information like the set, player name, and year, and get their cards ready for submission. Our customers can add as many or as few cards as they like, and they can always edit the information they provided. Customers can easily filter, search, and sort the cards they want to submit, even if they end up putting their entire private collection into our queue! Customers can quickly and easily pick the cards they want to submit from their Item Queue.

We knew the actual submission itself had to change as well. No more downloading, filling out, and scanning forms for submission with Rare Edition - when you click the “+” next to an item, that item is automatically added to a new submission. We’ll let you know if any information is missing from your items, and you can choose which service tier you want to use for your submission. It’s as easy as adding items to your shopping cart.

Add Your Cards to the Item Queue today

It’s our goal to make shipping and handling as streamlined as possible, so we automatically combine shipping, handling, and insurance for each submission. While our customers still have to package and ship their items to our warehouse, you can rest easy knowing that from the second your cards arrive to the second they're dropped off back to you they’re backed by some of the best security in the industry, as well as an exceptional insurance policy should the unthinkable happen.

Lastly, after your cards are graded, we package them up in foil just like the card packs we all love, so you can experience ripping open your newly graded cards. We wanted to give our customers the same feeling of excitement they get when they break open a pack, only this time it’s finding out whether that card you sent got one of our coveted 10s.

Everything we do at Rare Edition is about raising the bar for everything worth collecting. Got questions? Reach out to us on social media or join our Discord community!