A Grading System built for the Future

Our combination of computer vision, artificial intelligence and senior graders allows us to scale and adapt as fast as the hobby does.


Modern Cards.
Modern Protection.

Our slabs and labels are packed with features to ensure what you have in your collection isn't just accurate, but that it can be verified at a moments notice.

Every Rare Edition label Includes multiple security features:

Hidden Security
Holo Stamps
NFC Chips
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Our Process

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slab features

High-End Label And Slab

Our "Basically" Bulletproof Case

Ultrasonically Welded

Tiny sounds move really fast like a certain blue hedgehog to keep your card sealed. No pulling apart with your hand here.

UV Protection

Nobody wants faded cards they intend to keep for a lifetime. Consider our ultraviolet light protection your card's SPF100 sunblock.

An APE's Best Friend

With Corning® GORILLA® Glass, our slabs are designed to last a lifetime. Not only does it resist scratches, it gives our cards a fantastic feel in your hands.

Our Card Grading Tiers

Our fastest grading tier offers a 15 business day turnaround time to help keep up with market trends, while our other tiers offer a 30 to 60 business day turnaround time for those who might not be in such a hurry. Rare Edition grading gives you for free what other companies charge extra for: free subgrades, free auto grades, the industry's best grading report, and even free return shipping for our Elite customers.

Our currently available tiers are:



Services include:

  • 60 Business Day Turnaround
  • STANDARD SERVICE: Our Standard service gets your cards back within 60 business days after we receive them.
  • GUARANTEED PROTECTION: Have your cards encased within the most protective case on the market, built to protect your cards better than any other.
  • SUBGRADES AND MORE: Every card comes back with subgrades automatically included, along with our detailed grading report.



Services include:

  • 30 Business Day Turnaround
  • FASTER SERVICE: Need your cards back sooner? Get your cards prioritized ahead of Standard service and returned back to you within 30 business days after we receive them.
  • GUARANTEED PROTECTION: Have your cards encased within the most protective case on the market, built to protect your cards better than any other.
  • SUBGRADES AND MORE: Just like the Standard service, every card comes back with subgrades automatically included, along with our detailed grading report.



Services include:

  • 15 Business Day Turnaround
  • FASTEST SERVICE: Get your cards back at our fastest speed, returned back to you within 15 business days (or sooner!).
  • FREE SHIPPING: Never pay for return shipping again when you use our Elite tier. Pay for just insurance and handling for your cards, and leave the rest to us.
  • THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Elite service gives our customers the fastest turnaround for their cards so they can get them back and listed quicker than anyone else.
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How does Rare Edition handle shipping?

Rare Edition only supports Domestic US shipping at this time. For International orders, please review our page here.

At Rare Edition, we take many steps to protect your cards and ensure they're safe while we're receiving, grading, and sending them back to you. The following is a breakdown of how we calculate the Return Shipping, Handling, and Insurance fees for your cards.

The return shipping fees depend on the submission tier you choose for your cards:

  • If you choose a Standard or Plus tier (or are submitting pre-sale Standard and Collectors Editions), you will pay for return shipping back to your return address.
  • If you choose the Elite tier (or are submitting pre-sale Founders Editions) you are not charged return shipping back to your return address.

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What payment methods does Rare Edition support?

Currently, Rare Edition supports all major Credit / Debit card issuers using Stripe. Stripe is our payment processor, and all payments are passed through and processed through Stripe's proprietary technology.

Some purchases may require additional verification steps or require alternate payment methods; in these cases our Rare Edition support team can assist our customers with alternate payment methods like wire transfers or direct transactions. If this is something you are interested in, please submit a support request and our team will get back to you.

What countries does Rare Edition ship to?

Currently, Rare Edition ships cards to addresses located in the United States only. If you are an international customer, you may use a US-based third-party shipping service to ship cards to and from Rare Edition; however, you will need to put a US-based return shipping address into your order when you submit cards for grading, and Rare Edition is not liable for any issues that occur with third-party international shipping. Official support for international shipping is expected to be offered in the future.

How are my cards protected while they are at Rare Edition?

At Rare Edition, we take many steps to ensure the safety of the cards you send in to us. We monitor your cards throughout our process, and every interaction our team takes with your cards is tracked internally. Multiple photos are taken along the way, including when the card is prepared for scanning and when the card is encapsulated.

Any card not actively being processed is stored in our Class 2 vault. Our vault, which includes multiple secondary secure storage areas inside the vault for extra security around high-value cards, is a restricted-access area and multiple closed-circuit cameras are always present and recording, as are senior members of our team. When working hours are over, any cards on the floor (raw or graded but unshipped) are secured inside our vault.

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What about other cards, like Pokemon or Magic: the Gathering?

We're big fans of cards like Pokemon, Magic: the Gathering, Metazoo, Star Wars, and other collectible cards. We intend to roll out TCG / CCG and other card grading services soon. Keep an eye posted, and don't forget to join our mailing list!

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