About Rare Edition

It all started at an auction

When one of our founders was at an estate auction, they were struck by how coin collectors would scoop up coins for pennies on the dollar. Families who inherited collectibles didn't have the tools or means to assess and sell those collectibles for what they were worth. They walked away knowing the system had to change.

At the same time, another of our founders collected cards and saw how opaque the grading, selling, and storage of sports cards could be. A small difference of a point could mean a card went from rags to riches, but (with a few exceptions) the grading and trading process wasn't built on transparency and trust.

A few meetings with our third co-founder later, and Rare Edition was formed: a collectibles company founded on the core values of quality, transparency, and discovering everything worth collecting.

Our vision is to connect the
world with their passions

Our mission is to recapture the
wonder of collecting

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richard shin
One of my favorite childhood memories is of opening up baseball, basketball, and football card packs with my sister. That joy was fueled by the excitement of finding what we perceived as rare or "good" cards. I remember thinking that those rare cards would be worth something someday. I’d buy those monthly Beckett guides and eagerly look up how much my favorites cards went up in value. It was magical.
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