Our Grading Process

Rare Edition uses a proven, multi-step certification process that is designed to ensure consistency, accuracy and integrity while safeguarding your valuable cards. Explore the key stages of the Rare Edition sports card grading process below.

At Rare Edition, our grading process is the backbone of our service. How we grade and what comes back to you is critical for us to get right. Read on for more insight into how we grade every item that comes through our doors.



Every item that is graded by Rare Edition starts with a high-resolution scan. We carefully remove your cards from your sleeves and place them in our scanners, which allows our computer vision tech and our expert graders to identify any damage or defects on a card.



Our team researches every item that passes through our door to make sure each card’s information is correct, along with finding out what makes it special. Each and every Rare Edition card has been reviewed by our team.

Learn more about our Grading Report


Our grading tech, along with our expert graders, reviews every card and works together to assign consistent and accurate grades. You see everything we see in your card’s public grading report - included for free with every card graded at Rare Edition.

Learn more about our Grading Report


After the card passes through our Quality Control process it’s shipped back to you, ready to be placed on display or brought to the next convention.